Weight Loss Coach 

Hi. I'm Jen. 

I used to believe that I needed to count calories, over- exercise, feel deprived and struggle to lose weight. But that never worked.

Now I know losing weight is an inside job. 

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I help women stop sabotaging so they can be free to focus on new goals and be the best version of themselves. 


I teach the missing tools that link diet and exercise: your brain and your thoughts.  

  It's not that diet and exercise don't work:  

it's just incomplete.  

​ I spent nearly 20 years dieting, exercising, and educating myself on health, well-being, fitness, and nutrition and yet, could not lose weight!  

  Ironically, I figured it out after having a baby.  

  I realized I had been approaching my weight loss all backwards.  

I had been focused on the end goal and neglecting the journey.

But the thing is - the journey is 99% and the actual achieving of the goal is 1% - then it's right back to the journey!

And the only reason why we want to achieve any goal is becuase of how we think it will make us feel.

So, why not focus on that?  

Trying to lose weight by eating as little as possible, and working out as much as possible wasn't working anyways.  

You know what does work? 

-Rewiring your brain.

-Eliminating cravings and self-sabotage 

(no willpower - resisting makes it worse!)  

-Feeling feelings.

Now I maintain my natural body weight with ease and without deprivation.  


I am obsessed with helping other women do the same.  


If you are tired of losing the same pounds over and over....  


If you are tired of recycling the same old problem....  


Let me show you the missing link. 


"Your mind is your greatest weight loss tool"  

Brooke Castillo ​

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