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When I first reached out to Jen, I was a mess. I felt depressed, fat and helpless. I found her through her podcast, Brain Boss, and when she mentioned RTT, I instantly knew that this is what I needed to do. 

During our initial consultation, Jen helped me to pinpoint my root cause, which we decided was confidence. On the day of the session, I was definitely nervous, but Jen was so genuine and easy to talk to that she put me at ease. 

After the session, I definitely felt different. 

The change was instant for me! 

It was as if someone had turned the off button on my inner dialog. Today, my inner dialog (or inner critic) remains silent and in its place is a kind and loving voice telling me that I’m great just the way I am. 

I am starting to make changes in my life with ease and feel confident with who I am. 

RTT is absolutely amazing and Jenn is wonderful to work with. I would definitely do it again and may consider another session in the future.  



Since going through the RTT process with Jen, I have seen shifts in my decision-making, in my conversations personally and professionally. 

My focus was confidence and prior to and during the process my subconscious took me right to the situations in my childhood where I developed my belief system that has impacted my confidence throughout my life. 

The impact was subtle and quick, I asked a stranger from work to meet me for dinner before a client meeting when previously I would have stayed alone in my hotel room. 

I have given presentations with greater confidence, with a smile. 

With respect to food, I had previously worked through Jen’s modules and they were very helpful, but I was constantly looking for the right diet, I’d try something and move on to something else and spend hours reading Facebook ads for losing weight, all the while not knowing what to do. 

After my RTT experience, I found something that resonated, said yes and have had NO problem following the program. I have the confidence in myself, believe in my voice and myself. 

I would highly recommend this process. 

-Lorene J.

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