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What is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)? 

RTT is a combination of the most effective components of hypnosis, NLP therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, and psychotherapy.

It is rapid, it is permanent, it is safe.

RTT uses powerful tools in between the hypnosis and transformational recording so it goes beyond just positive suggestion. 

It gets to the root causes of beliefs (they're usually silly, created in our minds as children) and explains the symptoms and habits we have.

Once we understand the root cause we are able to upgrade the subconscious with the new beliefs that we create as adults.

Think of it like downloading new software and updates just like you do your phone or computer.

Ever wonder why you procrastinate? 


People please?

Your subconscious mind is the answer to 95% of why you do what you do. 

My favorite thing about RTT is that it empowers you. You reframe and imprint the new beliefs you want to believe to reach the goals you want.

After the 90-120 minute session I leave you with a personalized recording full of the beliefs you want to install and you listen for 21 days.

RTT results are immediate, retroactive, and cumulative. The session itself produces great relief and the 21 days helps solidify your new neural pathway.


Your first call with me is free. 

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Client Responses:

-I stopped controlling food and in return food stopped controlling me

-I don't feel urges to overeat, I'm more confident, have more self-trust

-I am almost always leaving food on my plate

-It feels authentic, not forced

-I make better choices with less chatter in my head

-My appetite has lowered and I get satiated sooner

-I feel great; light, unburdened, hopeful

-I feel free! Less tension, ability to observe urges 

-My brain feels different! There's an absence of stress from food 

-Only 1 binge in 3 weeks! 

-Less need for rebellion; less angst about food and eating choices, less conflicted, easy to eat healthy 

-A calm-ness, level-ness, more endurance for kids, work, no deprivation

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